Our mission as a church is to glorify Jesus in all aspects of life. We strive to be a Christ-centered, compassionate community.

  • By Christ-centered we desire to allow Jesus to influence every aspect of our life.
  • By Compassionate we desire to show love and grace to others.
  • By Community we desire to connect with other believers.

We don’t simply desire to talk about our mission, we desire to live it. Here are a few ways in which we strive to fulfill our mission.

  • Christ-centered: We are a diverse community where people from every walk of life and every season of life attend the church. We have people from numerous ethnicities, educational levels, and economic situations. Yet, it doesn’t matter as we desire to worship Christ.
  • Compassionate: We have a vibrant food pantry that serves hundreds of people every month and a monthly warming day that cares for the homeless. One volunteer mentioned they love these social action ministries because it shows people in our community that we care about them.
  • Community: We have small groups that meet almost every day of the week. We don’t want schedules to be a barrier to sharing life together. People love the support and safety small groups provide.