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Adult Ministries

We are committed to helping each person become who God designed for them to be in life. One way to assist this process is through our adult ministries. Each of these events and ministries is to help us connect with other people and grow in our faith.

Men’s & Women’s Ministries
Men’s and women’s ministries involve numerous events throughout the year designed to provide encouragement and support. There are typically activities every other month in order to encourage connection and friendships. These range from walks and breakfasts to bowling and retreats.

Senior’s Ministry
Our senior’s ministry is designed for those approaching retirement or currently retired. The group provides encouragement and support to those in this phase of life. We understand that retirement can be challenging, whether involving family issues or transition, and we strive to provide a place to find love and community. The senior’s group meets weekly from 11:15-12:00 pm at the church, immediately following worship service. We also have regular events every couple of months, such as outings into Chicago or luncheons.


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