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Care for World and Society

We desire to show compassion and truth to the world. As a church, we believe every person has the unique opportunity to make a difference for Jesus Christ in their workplaces, neighborhoods and family environments. We encourage people to develop relationships with people of all walks of life, showing love and grace, rather than pulling away from the world. We intentionally teach compassion rather than judgment towards the world, desiring to be a light to our communities.

We are apolitical.
We believe it is important to be engaged in the political process. This includes voting, being informed about issues and advocating for positive change in society. We do not endorse candidates or political parties but encourage individual, thoughtful involvement. As a church, we are concerned not only about local and national issues but also global events. Therefore, we prayerfully desire justice and fairness in every country being concerned about poverty, child slavery and war. We are all members of the human race; therefore, should be concerned about issues of the world.

We are environmentally-friendly.
We desire to be good stewards of this earth. As believers, we believe God gave us this planet to enjoy as a reflection of his glory. It is wrong to destroy his good creation. As a result, we strive to be eco-friendly, encouraging responsible care for the environment by minimizing use of items that do not degrade easily. We believe it is important to preserve the world for the next generation.

Care for World

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